ZFP Group holds a gala event to celebrate their 20-year anniversary

ZFP Group held a conference in the Brno Exhibition Centre to celebrate their 20-year anniversary.

At the beginning of April, almost 2,000 financial intermediaries from ZFP group met in Pavilion P at the Brno Exhibition Centre for a conference and a gala event with a rich accompanying program, which took place on the occasion of the 20-year anniversary of the founding of ZFP.

The stage was dominated by a panoramic projection and video mapping

Several speakers took turns on a large stage with a panoramic projection measuring 29 x 5,8 metres and other supporting projections carried out by 9 high-performance projectors ensuring the picture. On one side of the stage was a backdrop with a large number “20”, on which different content corresponding to the events on the stage were presented using video mapping.

As a key technical partner of the CONCEPT LINE agency, the realizer of the project, AV MEDIA provided the complete sound system for the conference and gala event using NEXO STM, where Anna K and Chinaski appeared. ROBE Lighting brought about a celebratory atmosphere in pleasant colours. AV MEDIA also provided full HD camera recording for the entire event.

A trade fair with business opportunities was built on the right side of the pavilion, where we placed a small stage with an LED wall and provided the lighting and sound, including for the jazz band and the performance of the popular Helán band. We were also involved in equipping some of the stands in the ZFP exhibition.

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