Office space that connects people and technologies

Deloitte's office space is a place where we efficiently connect people and technology. The premises support open communication and casual meetings, but also human activity, competitiveness and active involvement.


Activity based workspaces

People spend over one third of their life at work. At Johnson & Johnson, we believe quality of the work environment really matters.


Flexibility at work is the future

If the working relationship between more than 1,500 employees in the newly reconstructed building of the Komerční banka headquarters in Wenceslas Square is going to work well, it is necessary to communicate.


Building Your Modern Software Factory

Software is rewriting business, and at CA Technologies we are helping companies to rewrite their future to succeed in the digital economy.


Collaboration in an architectural studio

Offices for architects should be a great environment for innovative and creative thinking because it’s a place where you meet people with different opinions and life experiences.


Does the future belong to millennials?

We look for solutions that create an energy-efficient world in our business, and strive to improve conditions that affect our health. Energy performance may be lower, while living comfort higher.


New Ways of Cooperating in Engineering

What interesting things does Microsoft Office 365 combined with an interactive SMART display provide? We see the greatest benefits to be teamwork and all employees being involved.


Unified Communication at the Kiekert Company

Quality awareness of all employees is the main key to the success of the company.

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